October 12, 2015

Bacon Beef Rolls recipe

Bacon Beef Rolls recipe Recipe for Bacon Beef Rolls with red cabbage slaw and a tangy dijon dressing Ingredients 500g steak mince 250g homestyle bacon 100g […]
August 21, 2015

Omelette steak wraps

Omelette steak wraps A hearty Banting brunch Ingredients 5ml each ground cumin and coriander 5ml smoked paprika 2ml cayenne pepper 5ml ground black pepper 5ml coarse […]
August 21, 2015

Pita with steak and salad

Pita with steak and salad An easy end-of-week meal. No cutlery needed! Ingredients 20ml sunflower oil 1 onion 400g minute steaks 2 fresh chillies shredded lettuce […]
August 21, 2015

Biltong Samp

Biltong Samp Recipe as cooked by Barefoot, Beer & Braai on Ultimate Braai Master Season 1 Ingredients 2 handfuls samp 1/2 tubs PnP cream cheese 4 […]
August 15, 2015

Boerewors braaibroodjie burger

Boerewors braaibroodjie burger Two of the best braai meats become one glorious burger. Ingredients 1 packet Grabouw Boerewors 2 tbsp peppadews, chopped 1 packet Nizza Araza […]
July 24, 2015

Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash Use your leftover corned beef to make this revelatory hash, perfect for Sunday brunch. Four kinds of root vegetables, sauteed to caramelise them […]
July 24, 2015

Korean-Style Spicy Steak Lettuce Wraps

Korean-Style Spicy Steak Lettuce Wraps We love lettuce wraps: so tasty and so fun to assemble. The zesty flavors in this one make it a standout. […]
July 14, 2015

Minced Beef Chow Mein

Minced Beef Chow Mein Incorporate some Asian flavour with this healthy and flavoursome recipe for Minced Beef Chow Mein. Ingredients 1 packet of instant noodles (Maggi’s […]
July 14, 2015

Bobotie recipe

Bobotie recipe Traditional South African recipe for Bobotie – a spicy minced meat and egg custard dish. Ingredients Ingredients group A: 20 ml ground ginger 30 […]
July 14, 2015

Mamas Lasagna

July 8, 2015

South African Curry and Rice recipe

April 21, 2015

Chinese beef and noodle stir-fry